Storyline Business Circle Template

Hello everyone,

Tom had posted a business circle template for Storyline (previously a PPT template). He added media and characters (rollovers, check marks when the learner completes a topic, home button, etc.). Jeanette had done a follow up Screenr of how to program this interactivity. I cannot not find this Screenr. I've searched every where? Does anyone know where I can find it or provide the URL link.

Much appreciated,


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Jill McNair


I looked through Jeanette's screenrs and did not find one specifically on the Business Circle template.  Perhaps if you just go to her screenr page and scroll down, you'll find the one that you are looking for: //

Hope you find it - if not, you could send a private message to Jeanette.  In case you do not know how, go to the top of this screen and look for the "Inbox" link to the left of your tiny profile pic.  You can send it from there - just be sure to check your inbox for a response!  Or maybe

Jeanette will see this post and know exactly what you mean!  

Hope this helps,


Jeanette Brooks

Hi guys! Jodi & I already exchanged messages a little bit ago, and unfortunately I don't believe I've created a screencast on that particular template. The only time I can recall actually showing it in a screencast was in this screenr on using templates, but it was very much in passing and didn't deal specifically with the template itself, but rather the general process of how to create new slides from an existing template file. 

I do know that Tom did a screencast on that template, but it's the same one Justin refers to above.

Jodi, can you say a little more about what you'd like to do with the template itself, and how you want your learners to interact with it? I'm sure we can help you out! For example, if you want to set up the circles on the title slide so that they jump to specific content slides, you can do that by going to the slide master (View>Slide Master), select the master layout, and then adjust the triggers on the circles. That's also where you can set up hover states for each circle, and visited states too.

Silvia Vantusso

Hi Jeannete,

I found the business circle template very useful and I had a look even to your screenr. The question now is following:

Importing the template of Tom, the circles for example aren't triggered. To obtain same effects of the business-circle demo, every single object has to be triggered somehow, correct? Or did I forget something?

In the template imported the menu for example is an image the circles aren't different objects...


Nadine Helm

Hi Jeanette

I am dying to use the business circles template. I have successfully downloaded it and it appear son my list of templates - so i am assuming all is OK there.

I am new to Storyline and am not sure how to get cracking with this kind of template.

I came across this thread - is there now a screenr or any help you could provide in getting me safely to the end of the template please??



Nadine Helm

Hi Peter!

Thanks for the info re V,T and S's

While I am working through that - my dilemma is:

I downloaded the business circles template - especially based on the published example I viewed, but am not sure where to start or what to do to get the template to the point of looking anything like the published view.

I am new to a lot of this, and am coming to learn Articulate one tutorial and post at a time!

Any help and guidance is warmly welcomed.

Peter Anderson

Hey Nadine

Essentially, it looks like each circle has a trigger placed on it which takes you to its corresponding slide. 

The check marks indicating that a circle has been visited were built using visited states

In fact, in the comments, it looks like Richard offered to share a working version of his .story file. The link doesn't work, but perhaps you could direct message him through your Heroes box. 

Otherwise, I'll probably have some time later this afternoon to put together a quick working sample, if you'd like. Let me know how your progress is coming, and I'll be happy to help. 

Good luck, Nadine!