Storyline - Capturing a Results Page and Emailing to Client

In Storyline I recently built a couple of branch-based product selection catalogs that tracked selected products which were tallied on a final results page.

I never found a way within Storyline to capture the results page and either save to a file, or send in an email.

I ended up using a 3rd party screen capture application for saving and emailing.

Is there a way to do this in Storyline that I have not discovered yet?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicholas. Are you using quiz and quiz results slides?

If you include the Print Results feature on the results slide, you will have a report.html page that opens in the browser which can be saved and sent as an email attachment. It includes your learner's name, time and date, question text, answers and scoring.

Do you need the format of the actual results slide, or would that report do enough for you?