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Oct 05, 2017

I know this is not the forum to submit this type of question, but I am not sure where to check on status of a case that I submitted on September 25th. The confirmation email rec'd when I submitted a case did not have any instructions other than I will hear back in two days. I have not heard anything back on a couple of snags I was running into w/SL2. I am unable to attached my .story to this discussion because it has proprietary information. This is not the first time that I submitted a case and have not received a response. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeannie,

I'm sorry to hear that - but it looks like you may have not gotten our response. I've copied in the message my colleague Cleo sent to you and I'll also let him know that you're not getting our emails.

From: Cleo Sinues, Articulate Support [
Sent: 9/30/2017 
To: Articulate Support [
Subject: RE: Case #01140416: Greetings, TWO ITEMS: I am running into one ...

Hi Jeannie, 

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support and uploading your project file for review. 

With regard to your 1st issue, may I ask if you experience Storyline crashing if you create a new project and save it on your local drive c:? 

At what point does it crash? 

Are you working with your project files in your local drive c: and not on a shared/network/mapped drive which can cause erratic behavior? 

If you experience the same issue with a new project file saved in your local drive c:, please follow carefully the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix unexpected or erratic behavior in Articulate Storyline 2: 

With regard to your 2nd issue, Using my Storyline 2 Update 12: 1705.520, I reviewed your triggers in slide 5.2 and did not find any other trigger what would set your next button to Normal state when the user selects the PlayBtn.png file. I also previewed the scene, selecting the PlayBtn.png did not change the state of the next button to normal. It only changed it to normal state when the video was done playing. In this regard, I would really encourage you to carefully follow the troubleshooting procedures specified in the article above. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Cleo Sinues 
Sr. Storyline Support Engineer 

Feel free to let me know here if you need anything else while we look into the email issue! 

Jeannie Jurado

Hi Ashley,

That is strange, I did not receive any email from Cleo. I have been checking if the email may have been sent to my junk folder, but I did not see any.

With regards to my .story, it is on my local drive and crashes after viewing the .story in preview mode. In other words, when the course is in preview mode it seems to work fine, it is after when I click the X to close out of preview mode is when Storyline crashes.

Thanks for the information.

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