Storyline Certificate

I need to generate a printable certificate of completion in Storyline. This must be compatiable with iPads, so no Flash is allowed (I've seen forum threads along that line of thinking).

In Lectora, we can implement code that:

1. Pulls the current date from the user's machine into a dynamic text field.

2. Pulls the student's name from the LMS into a dynamic text field. (NOTE: We have also implemented custom javascript to display the student's name in FIRST LAST order).

This functions on iPads from Lectora. Is this possible in Storyline? Thanks for any help.

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Jim Heiliger

Our work-around has been to have the user type their name in a text field (e.g., question entry field) and pull from that onto the certificate slide. To be honest, I have not been on the Articulate forum much lately (mostly working in Lectora right now), so there may be a better solution somewhere. Good luck.