Storyline certificate - Javascript help!

Hi all, 

I am trying to modify the report.html file from this post 

in order to make a printable certificate. I have got it looking 90% how I want it with the exception of pulling in the storyline module name. Can anyone help me with some scripting that will pull the storyline module name into the file?

Currently it is pulling in the word "Results" which I think is coming from this script...

var strTitle = g_listQuizzes[g_oPrintOptions.strMainQuizId].strQuizName;

document.write("<P><H1>" + strTitle + "</H1></P>");

Many Thanks, Louise

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Louise. I think you would have to create one yourself in the storyline doc.

Say you create a text variable called "CourseTitle" for example - in each storyline course, you would set the default value to the name of your course.

Then in your report.html file you are going to have to declare the variable as follows

var player=window.opener.GetPlayer();                                   {note this is required to pull the variables from storyline into the report]

var CourseTitle=player.GetVar("title");

Then in the document.write line - change "+strTitle+"   to "+title+"

I think that should work.