STORYLINE: Certificates and modification of the report.html file

Feb 20, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I know this is an old topic but I'd like to get some fresh insight and help.  I've read all of the strings on how to edit the report.html file in order to create a printed certificate with the quiz results.  I don't have too much experience in HTML but can see my way through the text of the file.  My main problem in this solution is that my report.html text does not have a clear demarcation of the quiz results like in the example available:

So I don't quite know what to edit and what is already supposed to be there that is potentially absent in my data.

I've also attempted the same set of instructions as described in Steve's example with the .gif and the new certificate with questionable results.  

My goal is to provide a certificate at the end of a question bank exam.  Is there a way to do this within Storyline with layers and triggers?  OR, can someone offer some clarity in how to actually make a certificate using STORYLINE and not Quizmaker or some other program?

Your help would be MOST appreciated!

Thank you,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jessie,

I wish I could explain this for you, but unfortunately, my knowledge on this topic is pretty limited, too. Articulate does not officially support adding a certificate in Storyline, but it is certainly a popular subject. I believe you've already seen Steve's example here, and a few others. 

If you haven't already, I would suggest jumping in on the discussion thread that Steve started. Maybe some of the more experienced Heroes can give you some additional tips or advice for your certificate. If you're able to get a little more exposure to your questions in the original thread, you'll have a better chance of receiving some feedback from those that are already working with the same thing.

Again, I'm sorry that I can't be much help on this. It's something I've wanted to play with, but I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to really get involved with the certificates. I hope you're able to get this working, Jessie!

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