Storyline changing my background colors

May 24, 2017

I recently created a course where I had formatted the background of the quiz to be a light yellow. The course slide background was white. When I published the course, the background color for all of the quiz slides turned a dark green. The slides with a white background stayed white.

The yellow slides were set to to solid fill at 65% transparency. When I preview the quiz slides, the background stays yellow. After I publish the course and view it, the background is green.

I've included screenshots of the two: How it's supposed to look (What is a flood_actual.png) and how it published (What is a flood.png).

My workaround: I created a shape in the yellow I wanted and covered up the background with the shape. The shape stayed yellow even after publishing.

Question for the community: Does anyone know what would cause slides to change color during publishing and how to prevent it? 

Thank you

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