Storyline, Closed Captions and Layers

I am using triggers on my slidemaster and cue points on my timeline to show closed captioning in my Storyline 2 file. Everything works great as long as I only have a base layer. If I have a layer appear over the base layer the closed caption disappears until the next cue point is reacched then the next caption appears. Any ideas on how I can keep layers from interfering with the caption. I have attached the trigger that I am using on my slide master.



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Wendy Farmer

HI Debby

There seems to be many points of user interaction that syncing is going to be difficult - click start, use slider, do nothing.

My first recommendation would be putting the audio on its own layer not the base layer to have a bit more control.

I have used closed captioning with a different method so don't feel qualified to help in your case.  I'm sure someone more experienced in using closed captioning in this manner chimes in for you. 

Good luck with your project.