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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Colleen!

I don't have experience with Google Classroom specifically, but from a quick search, it doesn't look as if it supports SCORM. This means the Storyline course can't communicate or send quiz data to Google Classroom. (Want to know more about SCORM? Click here!)

You might try using a simple web link to your Storyline course without a quiz, then build the quiz separately using Google Forms. I found this helpful tutorial for that in the Google Classroom FAQ page: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/7627459

Hopefully folks who have more experience using Google Classroom can chime in!

Jill Ross

Hi Colleen!

I was wondering if you ever came up with a solution / work around for using SCORM content for your Google Classroom? Did you end up storing the SCORM somewhere else without the quiz like Alyssa mentioned? Did you build the Storyline files to only incorporate ungraded questions to be able to move on in the course, then make the graded quiz in Google Classroom separate? 

Just trying to see what creative ideas are out there.

Robert Mack

I just asked my spouse about this since his school district has standardized on Google Classroom. He doesn't use any third party services that can feed a grade or score to Google Classroom. He thinks there are two services that have this capability, but they aren't approved vendors. Those two are Quizlet and Quizizz. Treat this as hear-say, though.

One thing you can do from a Storyline presentation is insert a web link to a Google Form, and *that*  should be able to record a score in Classroom.

The other thing is that Scores from Google Classroom can be piped to Synergy, which is his schools gradekeeping system. So there IS connectivity of some sort with Google Classroom.

Robert Temple

You could also create a lesson in Google Classroom with instructions, links to resources, and worksheets for students to complete and submit via GC. Then set a trigger with a hyperlink from SL to your assignment in GC. In the assignment in GC, you could add a link back to the storyline course. Keep going back and forth.