Storyline Content and Windows 8/IE10 Playback

Feb 19, 2013

Per this post in the Quizmaker forum on windows 8 and playing Flash content:

With that background in mind,  just curious if Articulate has a position on this or has any plans to do something here?  (If anything can be technically done . . . )

One of my clients were soon be announcing their supported tablet in their company--and it may or may not be an iPad.  It'll be tablet that runs Windows 8 (and obviously has IE10 on it).

In company testing before roll-out, they've already run into the issue of Flash content from Articulate not launching in the default UI version of IE10.  Once they switch to the Desktop version, all is well.

The company has tons of legacy content in Presenter and Quizmaker and may soon be adopting Storyline also, so they are deeply concerned.

Some of the testers don't like this switching, even if it is due to Microsoft changes.  And I've seen some hacks out there that can be added to HTML pages so users are at least prompted to switch over to the Desktop version of IE10.

One of the testers made this comment: "One important note is that even Storyline content doesn't load the HTML5 version in the immersive version of Internet Explorer yet, and unfortunately, I am not sure how likely it is that it ever will do so. The immersive version of Internet Explorer does not present any sort of unique identifier, meaning there is really no way for a website/course to tell if the user is using the desktop or immersive version. Currently, Storyline checks to see if the browser has Flash installed, and since the immersive version of Internet Explorer technically does have Flash, Storyline content tries to load the Flash version and fails."

Any thoughts on this?  Workarounds?  People should get on the Microsoft Whitelist of permitted sites for Flash to work with IE10 UI?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Gerry.

When Microsoft decided to disable Flash by default in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10, that was bad news for all of us.

Anyone who wants Metro IE 10 to allow Flash on their site can try to submit their Flash site for consideration for Internet Explorer compatibility, but that process is a grueling undertaking for most.  We also created a Knowledge Base Article that links to instructions for manually adding the URL for your online content to Internet Explorer's Compatibility View List.

From my perspective, an exhaustive, wholly-Articulate-unauthorized list of technical solutions we could potentially undertake (for either Storyline or Studio) includes:

If you'd like to see us consider either of these changes, please do submit a Feature Request.  Beyond that, I believe the options are to:

  1. Avoid Metro IE 10.
  2. Add your site to to the Compatibility View List either Globally or Locally.

Please let me know if I've missed an important consideration here.  Thanks!

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