Storyline content is running very slow in Kallidus LMS


We have provided a new storyline e-learnng course to one of our clients who is using Kallidus LMS. We have around 60 screens and has a quiz at the end. Quiz is using question bank to randomize the questions. 

Problem is it is running very slow in clients Kallidus LMS. We have tested this e-learning course on atleast 4 different LMS's like Scormcloud, Moodle, Totara etc and it all works fine. We are running out of options to resolve this issue and we are desperately looking for some help to get this resolved.

Please can someone help us to get this issue resolved.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ganesh,

If the course is working as expected within SCORM Cloud, and the other LMSs, you'll want to connect with the Kallidus LMS team to see if they can offer any fixes or advice on how to have your course run at the same performance you saw in SCORM Cloud. I would recommend sharing a link to that version, so that they're aware of the set up and how it should behave. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yang,

Unfortunately I'm not sure what Ganesh did in Kallidus other than what he mentioned above. I don't have any experience in Kallidus - but since he shared it worked at SCORM Cloud which is the industry standard for LMS content I'd check with your LMS team for additional information or what elements you may need to turn off in Kallidus or Articulate to have the two work together. 

Evan Flockhart
Yang Yang

Hi Ashley


Could you please tell me how you solved this issue. i am facing the same problem.Did you turn off interactions in Kallidus or AS?





Hi Yang

We are having the same issue.  After testing in scorm cloud (worked perfectly), we turned off the interactions with LMS (sounds like the same thing that Ganesh did).  We still have the same problem, if anything its worse.  T

We are going to try and run the package in debug mode to see what we can find out before we go back to Kallidus.

We have had others issue in the past and the respose from Kallidus regarding SCORM clould is that it is different to Kallidus!



Yang Yang

Thanks for letting me know. I tried the following solution and it did help to speed up the quiz. The script stops the interaction between the LMS and the SCORM at the end of each quiz question after the submit button is clicked. This method is only working for the quiz though.