Storyline content not playing in LMS


When trying to play a storyline file in LMS, I am getting a black screen. (Please see attachments) I have checked Scorm cloud and content works as expected. I am working alongside our LMS support team to fix this issue, however there is nothing jumping out that could cause this. This issue is only affecting new content uploaded to LMS, which points to the issue being with our LMS. Our LMS is part of an Oracle system.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome :).


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Judy Nollet

I've encountered something similar with Cornerstone. Courses wouldn't launch properly with IE. The LMS team determined that they had to set the Compatibility Mode to None.

I'm definitely not an LMS expert, so I have no idea if there would a similar setting in Oracle. But your team could, at least, look into any settings related to how to treat different browsers.

Good luck!