Storyline content not updating completion status to SumTotal LMS.

Good morning.  First time on the discussion board for me.  I'm actually an LMS administrator and our development team uses Storyline 1 and 2.  We recently implemented the SumTotal 2013 platform.  We have been experiencing repeated reports from users that are completing assessments in our system.   They are achieving the passing score but the LMS is not updating.  The issues seem to be related to at least one failed attempt and potentially the use of the Retry or Review option.  Our LMS hosting vendor is insisting this is a courseware issue.  However, it is happening to multiple assessments and not all users accessing the same assessments are experiencing the issue.  We typically publish using Passed/Incomplete tracking because we are not interested in tracking failed attempts.  It appears that SumTotal will track a few failures and then stop updating after a certain point.  One of our legacy systems is SumTotal 7.6 and I have not been able to recreate the same issue there with the same courseware.  We have also republished the assessments removing Retry and Bookmarking and I have still been able to recreate.  Has anyone experienced these issues with Storyline and the SumTotal LMS?

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Sue Hieter

I did load a sample on the SCORM Cloud and was not able to replicate the issue after some initial testing.  Given that either the course stops sending a score back to the LMS after multiple attempts, SumTotal stops updating when receiving updated information (either passed or failed score), or there is corrupt session data that totally disrupts the bookmarking being sent back to the LMS, I was unsure whether I could truly replicate the scenario in the SCORM cloud.