Storyline course completion not tracked if viewed on iPad


My Storyline course flags course completion correctly on the LMS if viewed on a desktop browser.

If the user takes the course on an ipad (no Articulate App) using mobile Safari, there is no record of them attempting or even when they have passed the course.

Private Browsing is not enabled on mobile safari...

Anyone else faced this ? Any obvious solutions ?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi XAn,

Which LMS are you using? Do you know if they support Tin Can?

Deploy your course from an LMS which supports the Tin Can API: Tin Can is a communication specification which allows learning management systems to receive tracking data from mobile apps. When you publish, choose LMS as your publish option, and mark the check box to “Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad.” (If your LMS provider doesn't yet support Tin Can API, we recommend that you urge them to do so.) Find out more about publishing for LMS here.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Xan,

Unfortunately, no. If the LMS doesn't support Tin Can, you won't be able to track it through HTML5 content, or the Articulate Mobile Player, from what I understand. 

Again, though, I wouldn't hurt to speak to your LMS. Maybe they can consider implementing this. So many people are using mobile content now, and the demand is growing every day. 

Of course, that being said, maybe some other community members can provide some additional suggestions. 

The only thing I can think of suggesting is to use a different LMS, or a web server for the content you need tracked. Maybe even have that portion as a web object? Not sure if that would work for your course design, but it may help until you're able to get some information from Taleo.

Let me know how it goes


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Brian and Xan,

You're correct, Brian. Thanks for pointing that out. I misread XAn's first post (I thought he said "on Articulate app", not "no Articulate app". Apologies, XAn! 

Deploy your course as HTML5 content, and have learners access it from your LMS with a browser that supports HTML5: This is a good option if you’re using an LMS which does not support Tin Can API and if learners will use an iPad or other device which doesn't support Flash. When you publish, choose LMS as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to “Include HTML5 output. 

What options are you using for publishing and tracking XAn? 

steve cc

Though this post comes quite some time after the original question was posted, I can add that indeed there is a problem with Articulate Storyline properly marking a module complete on the LMS if relying on a Results Slide score of some sort.  However, this is only happening on the iPad.  I have experienced it in Update 3, but not Update 1.   Storyline file, published using Update 1, marking complete if the learner scores 50% or greater, completes in the LMS just fine via the iPad.  However the same file published using Update 3 does not mark complete.  A case has been opened with Articulate support staff.  They have been able to duplicate the problem, but I no solution yet.  

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

steve cc

Sorry for just now posting, but I didn't see your post in June.  

This case is still open and have not had any more contact from Articulate Support!!!!!

Case Number: 00340060
Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040S8MeC:ref

Information about the upload:

Date: MonJun17,2013,02:01pm
Uploader's IP:
Total size: 7.8 MB

I have tested the attached STORYLINE file and still conclude the same problemis occurring: when published in STORYLINE Update1 it scores 50 or 100 dependingon learner choice and marks complete (on both PC and iPad). However when thesame file is published in STOR YLINE Update 3 it does not score and record acomplete on the iPad. It does on the PC.

Same LMS. So it should be safe to say that the LMS variable could be taken outof the problem equation?

What is wrong?

We'll be in touch soon.

Justin Wilcox

Justin Wilcox

Customer Support Manager

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Stephen.

I'm sorry for the trouble.    As you know, we were able to reproduce your issue, which is that AICC output published in Storyline Update 2 or Update 3 does not properly complete in Mobile Safari.

This issue has been escalated to the Articulate Quality Assurance Team, and we will keep you updated with any potential developments.  Thanks for checking in!

Justin Grenier

Good Morning Ryan, and welcome to Heroes!.

This Forum Thread is on the topic of AICC content being marked incomplete when HTML5 output is viewed in Mobile Safari, and this problem was corrected in Storyline Update 5.

If you're having trouble with Storyline content not marking complete within your LMS for iPad learners, I would recommend taking two troubleshooting steps:

  1. Test your content in SCORM Cloud, which is an industry-standard platform for testing SCORM content.  This will tell you if your problem is LMS-specific, or is more widespread.
  2. Enable LMS Debug Mode so that you can see precisely what completion data your content is sending to your LMS.  If you see that your content is sending completion and your LMS is not recording it, be sure to share a copy of the LMS Debug Log with them.  However, if your content is not sending the expected completion data to the LMS, send us a copy so we can take a closer look.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

yeeming lau

Hi - it's now a few months later. I sent my file to the Support team to troubleshoot. I got this reply - which is not encouraging:

"Unfortunately, I'm unable to determine a suitable workaround. I have reported the issues to our Quality Assurance team for their review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be addressed. I would recommend, at this time, to take a different approach so that you continue working on your project." Dated 3 April 2014.   Unfortunately, my client went ahead with purchasing Storyline on the understanding that publishing for iPads would be seamless.  My client has purchased platinum support and I hope this will help prioritise. Their other vendor, who recommended Storyline, does not support TinCan API.

Perhaps worth noting also that my client has had a very tenuous of introducing elearning into their organisation and this has become a millstone - rather than a positive milestone.  Any responses from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Yeeming.

I see that Miker has escalated your Case Number 00392431 (which is different from the original problem reported in this thread) to our Quality Assurance Team, and Miker will certainly keep you informed of any updates to your Case.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

yeeming lau

Hi Justin, I have just checked in with Miker and there is still no timeline to fix this bug. Please escalate. 

What this bug means: the only option for a user to get a complete status is that they  need to complete the course  in one attempt with no leeway to come back to resume the course and still get a completion status.

I have been designing and deploying elearning for the last 7 years using a wide range of authoring tools deployed on major LMS's and have never had to stipulate to the learner that they needed to complete a course in one attempt - or if they made numerous attempts, accidentally exited, or were interrupted, when they returned to the course, no matter how many times, they would never be able to complete the course again. This is what this bug amounts to.

I can see the LMS administrator handling lots of complaints and the only way they could help the user complete was to set up another course for them?  How many courses would the administrator need to set up for users who had exited the course without completing? 

yeeming lau

Hi Justin - a little disappointed that Miker has advised there is no timeline for the resolution of the completion status. My client is now looking at moving all development to an alternate authoring tool - as this is a basic but crucial functionality that all eLearning authoring tools should have.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning Darren, and welcome to Heroes!

We resolved the issue that Yeeming reported when we released Storyline 1 Update 6 in July 2014.

Having said that, iOS 9 introduced some new issues that are also resolved by installing the latest Storyline update.

Please let us know if you need anything else!

Daniel Hyun

Thank you, Justin. I have been able get the course to track when viewed on mobile devices via TinCan without MobileApp publishing, great! However, now when I view the same course on Firefox (most commonly used by our learners) it will not complete. The "Exit" button as well as custom exit triggers do not work. It seems like we can only have it one way or the other. Any suggestions?