Storyline course completion not tracked if viewed on iPad


My Storyline course flags course completion correctly on the LMS if viewed on a desktop browser.

If the user takes the course on an ipad (no Articulate App) using mobile Safari, there is no record of them attempting or even when they have passed the course.

Private Browsing is not enabled on mobile safari...

Anyone else faced this ? Any obvious solutions ?


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Justin Grenier

Hey again, Darren.

Are you referring to Firefox for iPad, Firefox for Android, Firefox for PC, or Firefox for Mac?  If you take a look at our system requirements, you'll note that of the four, only Firefox for PC is supported.

If you're using Firefox for PC, my next question is whether you might be pointing your learners to the HTML5 version of your output, by either (1) disabling Flash in Firefox or (2) linking directly to your HTML5 published output.  The same system requirements prohibit support for HTML5 content in Firefox for PC, so you'll want to be sure you're using a supported browser and letting Storyline determine which version of your content to display when learners view it.

If you're using Firefox for PC with Flash enabled and not pointing learners to your HTML5 output, then unfortunately, security restrictions in some modern web browsers (such as Firefox) prevent windows from closing themselves, so the Exit course trigger won't close the browser window.  However, it'll work if the course is launched by another browser window.  Just configure your Articulate Storyline player to launch in a new window.

If none of the above applies, this definitely sounds like unexpected behavior, and I'd encourage you to send us a copy of your .story project file for a closer look.