Storyline course completion triggers, not working in Rise


I've got a simple 3 slide Storyline project. The first slide has a button which will take them to slide 2, and one which will take them to slide 3. I've tried to add a completion trigger on each, so once either of those buttons are selected the course is complete. However, in Rise, the continue button does not unlock. (I've set the continue button to lock until the block directly above is complete).

I've managed to work around this by setting completion to whenever the user views at least 2 slides... However I'm not happy with that and I'd really like to know a solution for future projects.



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Brian Cook

I am having the opposite problem. I have set my continue button to complete after a SL block has been completed, but it shows enabled every time on preview. I even have commands in the SL file that reset the triggers at the beginning and make course as complete only after they have been clicked, but the continue button will not lock.


Is this a SL issue or a Rise issue?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Brian!

Do you see the same behavior when publishing the Rise course? Or is this happening just when previewing the Rise course?

I'd recommend publishing the Rise course and looking at the behavior in an LMS.

If this still doesn't result in the desired behavior, let's bring in our Support Engineers extra assistance. Connect with a Support Engineer here.