Storyline course doesn't work in Chrome browser

Nov 26, 2015

Chrome does not support Java

Our client has been using the Google Chrome browser to view a course created in Storyline. The course worked well earlier, but doesn't work anymore. Apparently, the latest version of Chrome does not support Java. The client feels that asking all users to view the course in another browser will create unnecessary confusion. Is there any other workaround for this?
Note: The course is uploaded to their company intranet.
Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Judith D'Souza

Thanks for your response, Mark. I spoke to the client about the possibility of the course working if they revert to an older version of Chrome. However, the client says the entire organisation has shifted to the current Chrome version for various reasons and it would not be possible to revert.

I was wondering if there is any Publish settings that would yield an output that doesn't contain Java files?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Judith,

I'm also running the latest version of Chrome and haven't run into any issues - so as Phil mentioned, I'd look into your LMS or web server to see if they've changed anything that would cause it to not play. You could also look at testing it in another set up such as SCORM Cloud or any of the web options here. 

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