Storyline Course in SCORM Cloud

Hi there,

I wonder if someone could provide some guidance. We have just launched a course today, in SCORM Cloud, and experienced a couple of things that we didn't experience in Articulate Review when we were reviewing for final sign-off. I wonder if you are able to tell me why these two things have happened?

1. There are a number of resources attached to the player in the course that you need to open as you work your way through the course. When you open them they open in another popup window. The only problem is, is when you go back to the previous page, you have to use the back arrow on the browser to take you back to the login page and log back in to resume your course (i had to do this five times).

2. When you print the completion results I can't get back to the main menu page to complete the summary.

Any help would be appreciated.

Storyline file attached.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Michelle!

I'm happy to help! For your first question, you can have the Resouces appear in the same window if you configure the Launch Behavior. Here's a screenshot of the settings you'll want.

Second, I do not see a Results Slide for the quiz to print the completion results. Would you mind pointing me to where the print button is in your course?