Storyline course is not showing complete in SCORM 1.2

I am attempting to publish a Storyline course to SCORM 1.2 for upload to our LMS. Before doing that though, I am testing the course in SCORM Cloud and find that after viewing, the video will not update to reflect "Complete". I do not have a Quiz at the end of the course which could be causing the issue.

I have two triggers: one to Exit and one to Complete Course. The Complete Course is first and the Exit is second.

I'm not sure what to check next! Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sharon Plunk

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Sharon Plunk

I checked the settings:

Reporting and Tracking Options under the Publish window shows: "Report status to LMS as Completed/Failed.

The Button has a trigger: Complete Course as Completed/Passed when User Clicks Button. I've also added another trigger to the button that "Exit Course" when user clicks.

Thoughts? Is something conflicting with something else?

Thank you.

Matthew Bibby
Sharon Plunk

I had to change the Tracking feature under the Properties section of the LMS Publish page to read: "Complete course trigger". I had it at "Track using number of slides viewed".

Yep, that's the one I meant! I got caught out in the same way recently. 

It would be nice if this setting was changed automatically when one added a course complete trigger to the course.