Storyline course not compiling into my LMS

Sep 26, 2012

Hi to all!

First, I'd like to mention that Storyline is an amazing tool which changed the way we approach E-learning in the company I work for. Thank you!!!!

But, of course, I come with a problem...

I'm working on a mutli-activities program that will be broadcasted in our LMs, which is Tactic! LMS. This plateform is working with the SCORM1.2 format. I built all my stories, exported them in the right format, placed them into the LMS, but it seem to be no tracking at all when I follow the course in LMS.

I checked the specs of my story files, such as the tracking options (by slide, and set on the half of the slide to be seen to have a complete statut), the slides properties (automatically decide), the LMS reporting status (complete/incomplete). Nothing's change...

I also made a search on this forum and found a couple of tricky tricks to do (such as modifying the configuration.js file, etc), but none of them seems to work...

Is some of you already have experiment this kind of problem? Or have the same LMS than me?

I must recise that with the others Articulate products, with the same settings (except the slide properties options for revisiting), everything's fine for the tracking...

Could my problem come from the revisiting options?

Thanks in advance!!!

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