Storyline course not tracking duration in LMS

I have been through the suport pages and looked through the links they suggested and still I am unsure as to why my courses are not tracking the users duration in the course.  The LMS is tracking when users complete the course because they are getting certificates of completion.

When the user clicks out of a course after completing thte quiz and then goes back to the course, there is a message that appears that asks if you want to "resume where you left off".  I would think the course should reset?  Could that be connected to the time tracking issue?


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Gerry Wasiluk


Just did a quick re-test in a Saba 5.5 system with a SCORM 1.2 Storyline course and I'm seeing the course send the duration data to the LMS:

What LMS are you using?  By chance does it have a log you can review to show the course communication?

If not, you might want to review how to turn on debugging in your course and see what's being sent:

If the data is being sent then I'd start looking at your LMS.

(And is your course AICC or SCORM?)

The other thing you mention is the quiz resume feature.  Should be unrelated to your issue.  You can turn it off if you wish.  See this tutorial: