Storyline Course on Ipad with scorm cloud

Hi... i'm trying to test a demo course on ipad using Scorm Cloud but is does not work. When i press lauch, a new tab opens and the course seems to load but after a seconds, the tab closes and, obviosly, the course can¡t be done...

Any way to get this working?

Update: I one of my attemps, the course loads but tha tab closes when i try to play a video, in next sucess, it does not work


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Sam Carter

I recall you are interested in testing your course variables being saved on the LMS.  You could test in flash using a desktop, but if you must test on the iPad, here's an awful workaround that you can use to run on

Close all Safari windows.  Then empty the cache completely.  

In, "reset your course progress".

Login using the iPad, launch the course.  DO NOT CLICK PLAY.

Wait for 3 minutes.  This will be enough time for Storyline's preloader to complete preloading.

Your course should run now.  No promises though.


Sam Carter

Juanjo Haro said:

Woa... too much to a custumer... 

We have plans to deliver articulate courses to the clients whitout implementing LMS platform, using Scorm Cloud, so is not only to test the course... the course running in Safary from a simple url works fine and in desktop works with flash and html5

Yes, Safari plays Storyline fine from a simple URL.  Not so much on a SCORM LMS.

If your client won't be using an LMS, you should be fine.  Your prior posts indicated you wanted to persist variables in SCORM.  Maybe you should look to JavaScript Cookies instead?

Sam Carter

Safari/iPad plays Storyline on ONE of my client's SCORM LMS (vendor name omitted on purpose).  There are other LMS I have tested Storyline which play fine, and others that fail with the window closing abruptly.  Strange that such a hard iPad/Safari failure seems to occur in some LMS and not others.

The developers of are industry leaders, and they also provide the SCORM code used in Storyline. They're looking into this problem and I'm confident they'll sort it out soon.

Randall Sauchuck

I am having similar issues. I have uploaded several courses to and all of them except 1 are exhibiting the following behavior on the iPad. 
I click "launch course"
mobile Safari puts up a dialog asking whether I want to open the pop-up. I click "allow".

Second tab opens to first slide of course. (this page is just a static image and text)

Second page loads then the dialog box appears again and relaunches the course

I can't get past the second slide

Sam Carter

Randall Sauchuck said:

I can't get past the second slide

I have this problem with ALL my Storyline courses on, and other LMS.

I saw a thread somewhere that this won't be addressed in the next release, in part, because the problem is RARE.  Like steaks, it depends on who you ask.   I think this problem is medium-well to well-done!

Jeff Forrer

All.  I get courses to run with these conditions:

Published for: iPad, AMP, TinCan API, Scorm Cloud, SL Update 5, Ignore Flash Cookie, zipped and uploaded to SCORM Cloud.

What I don't get is Resume feature.  I have unchecked and checked the option for the Flash cookie in the player.

Anyone able to get Resume to work?  I have tried running from a link directly and from logging into SCORM Cloud from the iPad directly, and no resume seems to work.  Thanks for any help.