Storyline course recurrent crash on Moodle LMS

Sep 24, 2013


I am having a recurrent problem with my Storyline courses hosted on Moodle.

I start by saying that I am running the latest update of Storyline, and I published my courses with Flash/Html5 output, and I checked the "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookies" options within the course settings.

The problem is the following: after running the course, it suddenly crashes after a few minutes, while giving no issue until that time. No particular actions are done by the user, but the course simply crashes if I keep it opened for a certain amount of time (sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 5, etc., very unpredictable).

This problem both occours from Pc and from iPad.

Is someone else having the same problem?

Thank you for your help!


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Dan Marsden

you mention that you're using the latest version of Storyline but don't mention the Moodle version which makes me suspect you're using an old version of Moodle...

You haven't really given enough information for us to give specific help but have you tried your SCORM package in the Rustici SCORM cloud player to see if it works there? - if it works fine there then it's probably an issue with your Moodle installation - a good place to start when diagnosing a Moodle SCORM issue is here:

Dan Marsden

I should clarify that... you should upgrade to a major version at least every 12 months - eg 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5/2.6 - a major release comes out every 6 months so if you upgrade every 12 it would look like this: 2.2->2.4->2.6 etc..

You should be upgrading to the latest minor release every 2 months - eg 2.2.1/2.2.2/2.2.3/2.2.4 - the minor release versions contain fixes for known security issues and functional bugs - no new features or UI changes occur in minor releases and they are tested very well so they are safe/easy to upgrade to each 2 months.

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