Storyline Courses and publishing to iPads

Our team is looking to really expand what Digital Training means in our company - one project is to get training on an iPad.  We have a hands on space where learners work through projects and a trainer walks around to assist as the learners flip through a printed out PDF of instructions.  Our goal is to transition these instructions onto an iPad and make them more interactive.  We have a template built in Storyline 3 but the question becomes, how do we get the SCORM files accessible on an iPad and locked to a specific "course" so that the learners aren't using them to search YouTube?

I found Apple's instructions to lock into an app, but if we publish to the Articulate Mobile App, can we lock them to a specific course or only the app?

Additionally, where do we host the content?  We have a password locked LMS and I found there could be constraints with that delivery system according to articles.  If we host on a website, can they explore all of the World Wide Web?

Thank you for any insights you can offer!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

I'll leave the question of "how to lock the user to a particular app or site" to our ELH community - as it's not something I've seen before.

If you're publishing for an LMS, you will want to upload to that site and then you'll need to provide your learners with a URL/link that they can access on their iPad. The easiest option is to email it to them, or if you'll be providing the iPads, opening it yourself and setting it as a bookmark. The same is true for any web published content. 

If you are looking to use the Articulate mobile player and host in your LMS, you'll likely want to make sure your LMS supports Tin Can API and use that as your publishing method. Also, here's a helpful article to compare the HTML5 and AMP outputs, so that you're aware of any differences.