Storyline courses freezing for end users

I am running into issues with my Storyline courses freezing at random points during the courses for some, but not all, users. I have the courses uploaded to a Sharepoint site, rather than a traditional LMS, so they are published for web viewing, and because of company policy, all users are viewing the courses using IE.

Any tips on what we can do to avoid the freezing issue would be much appreciated.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Garrett,

Without knowing a little more detail, it's difficult to say. I would recommend asking users experiencing the freezing issues about their version/build of Internet Explorer and possibly Flash. If the users running into this issue are running similar versions, it might be specific to the browser and/or addons. 

It may also help to ensure they're running the minimum requirements for viewing Storyline content:

They should also be able to find their Flash version on this page from Adobe:

Flash Player Help - Adobe

Also, if they've viewed the course multiple times, it may help to clear their browser cache in Internet Explorer. 

I hope this helps!