Storyline courses saved in Dropbox

I have a whole series of Storyline courses saved in my Dropbox folder so I can access them from different  locations. I notice that frequently when I am working on a file and want to save it I get a message saying I can't save it because it is being used by another process. I have figured out that this is likely the upload to Dropbox or my Carbonite backup service. This is a serious pain because I often can't save it for a while until that "service" finishes. Many times I can save it as another file name, but sometimes I still can't do that. 

Is it a bad practice to keep the files in a cloud drive like Dropbox? Would it be better to just move it back to a local drive on my machine?

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Tyler Braddick


I have deleted my previous post after some further research on the matter.

Please see the following link: 

Please only use storage like Dropbox, Network Drives or USB drives for backup. This will allow you to properly use the files as it is not recommended to use Storyline with network storage.

I don't believe that Carbonite is affecting the Storyline files as you're not accessing those from the Carbonite service, however if you move the file to your local hard drive and continue to see the issue it might be necessary to switch Carbonite from continuous backup to a scheduled backup or to not backup during hours that you're working. These can be done from inside the Carbonite settings on the desktop app. This will ensure that no service is interacting with those files while you're supposed to be on the machine.