Storyline crashed

Nov 27, 2013


I can't see how to log a bug report.

Storyline (Update 4 1311:1422) just crashed.

It's a large story file.  I was adding questions to a question bank when it crashed.  I've lost about an hour's work.

Sadly yours


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Geoff Rankins

Hi Phil and Leslie

More info: I was working interstate for a week, so loaded Storyline and my course onto a laptop.

The course has something like 300 pages, 2 large question banks, and about 5 much smaller question banks. 

The crash occurred because I had a few other apps going, and memory was low.

I was trying to add about 10 questions to a question bank,

Storyline's memory usage went from about 660 Mb to around 1.1 Gb! Then it crashed - no more memory available.

I closed every app I could, but got the same behaviour. 

It seemed strange that adding a few questions required such a massive amount of memory to handle!

I found I could add one question at a time, but this incurred a longish delay each time.

I'm back at HQ now, using a machine with lots of memory, and can edit the course with no problems.

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