Storyline crashes

Hi I am simply trying to copy (using CTL C) a text box from one slide to another. Storyline crashes everytime. I have already lost an entire recording and had to do it again!

Also editing the text in the speech bubbles or rectangles causes some peculiar things to happen  -like the cursor appearing 3 characters to the left of the actual text being altered! The text boxes seem to change size randomly when you are typing or viewing the result. Needs a little looking at by your guru I think.    


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Louise,

The last part may be due to the auto-resize function that is set by default. It will change your text-size or your object siez automatically

This is how you can changes it

The fact that your cursor is off-set to the editing position may strange enough be linked to the colour depth in your computer settings. There are quite a few posts on this in the forum, check for 'color depth'

The first part is a bit more tricky.

Are you using the last version of SL, in august there was an upgrade ?

Try deleting your local temporary file, they me produce garble and lockup/crash SL


Hope it helped


louise woodland

Thanks for answering so fast Geert! I will change the text box settings as you suggest. Yes - I am using the latest version of Storyline but it may be that I just need to re-boot.  Will check out the colour depth issue as you have sparked interest in what that is about anyway! If I can find my temporary file then I shall delete it - are you sure I won't be deleting something vital?