Storyline crashes

Dec 05, 2016


I've finished working on a project but everytime I try to publish it, storyline (2) crashes only a few seconds after I launch the export.

Can anyone try and download the files see if you have similar behaviour ? 

What could I possibly fix in the file that makes it crash ?



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Fabrice Darrigrand

So far, I've tried, changing the location of the fie, renaming it, importing all slides into a blanck project, importing all slides in a project that I know I can export from.

I'm fine with exporting other modules so it looks like there's really something about THAT file, and most possibly its content that makes it go wrong. Could it be about the player ?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for sharing the file here. I experienced the same behavior where it crashed and asked to send the error report each time. You mentioned changing the file path and name, and depending on how it was set up originally the file may have become corrupt. You'll want to confirm you're working on project files as detailed here to prevent future odd behavior.  

You could also look at importing individual scenes into a project to see if you can determine if there is a particular slide causing the behavior, but since it crashes right away, it may be an issue in the beginning or with the course as a whole. 

Fabrice Darrigrand

Thanks Ashley ! I think the problem comes from the first slide : I deleted it and published the project and it worked. So I tried to delete some items on that slide, change the layout and a few more things but nothing too conclusive. I'll try a few more things tomorrow and come back with more elements and a solution hopefully ! Thanks much !

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