Storyline crashes when it can't locate audio file


Has anyone else experienced the following issue?  I have a file with contains audio.  The file is saved locally, along with the audio.  Sometimes, when I try to open the audio in Storyline, it comes up with an error 'File not found' and then Storyline crashes.  

This has happened on a number of occasions and in the past, I thought it was a server/VPN issue but now that I am working from home and everything is local and has not moved, this is very frustrating.  

I believe this is a bug as ideally if the 'file is not found' for any reason, you should be able to exit out of the audio editor and carry on working.



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Katie Riggio

Hi Debbie!

Thanks for walking us through what's going on. 

Your description sounds similar to the experiences shared in this discussion. Referencing the cases, it looks like reinstalling or upgrading to the latest version of Storyline helped.

Would you be willing to connect with our Support team so we can pull a few system logs to recommend the next best step for you?