Storyline crashing and flashing when working with simulations

Did a few searches, did not see this covered anywhere.

I have Storyline file into which I'm importing Storyline simulation created by an SME.

All was going well. I imported the scenes I needed. Then when I went to Story view, the slide images just started flashing (see attached video) and Storyline froze. I had to use End Task to close it. Tried doing a reboot and cold reboot and got the same results.

Is there a size or some other limitation? The file is 289 MB. I imported part of it into a new file that is 210 MB and It seems to working so far.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Ed.

This strobing/blinking effect when collapsing scenes is a known bug in courses that contain a very large number of slides, and that will be resolved in a future Storyline update.  The workaround is to avoid collapsing scenes whenever possible, and we will update this thread when a fix is released.

Good luck with your project, and have a great day!