Storyline crashing when copying and pasting tables between slides

I've seen people posting about Storyline crashing when attempting to copy tables from PowerPoint or another source into Storyline, but I'm consistently getting crashes when simply trying to copy and paste a table from one Storyline slide to another. Table styles or complexity don't seem to matter, as it happens to both large and small tables, with and without stylistic formatting of any sort. Anyone else experience this? Do Articulate folks read these forms and, if so, any idea when this might be fixed? For context, I am running Win 10, 64-bit OS, with 16 GB of RAM, which I assume is enough for copying and pasting tables.

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Jeff Forrer

Not sure if this will help, but I have seen this behavior, what I have done when encountering crashes when copying from one slide to the next when this happens it to do a Save As on the file, close and reopen Storyline.  Also, you may know this, but make sure you are using the latest version of SL360 unless you are using SL3, as I have not seen it happen for awhile.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

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Sorry to hear you're coming across some crashing issues when trying to copy/paste a table! Jeff's right, I would ensure that you're on the latest update and that you've tried to repair Storyline to see if that helps with crashing.

If it keeps happening after a fresh copy, please connect with our support engineers to dig a little further into your setup to find the root of the issue.