Storyline cutting auido voice over

When I publish a course to CD, I am finding that some of the slides are cutting off the first few seconds of audio narration.

It doesn't happen to every slide but it does happen to most of them.

When I preview, everything is fine.

I have even set the audio to start 1 sec in to the time line but still have the issue.

Has anyone expereinced this? if so is there a way to fix this?

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Nancy Woinoski

I have seen this same clipping at the beginning of some audio clips but only when viewing in html5. The way I got around it was to place a shape off screen and then added a trigger to the shape to play the audio file when the timeline ends. This seemed to do the trick. Not sure exactly why it works but I don't get the cut off any more.  It took me ages to figure this out.