Storyline Debug Mode Enabled - Will End-User See Any Output?

Hi There!

I've been asked about enabling debug mode for a Storyline module. I found the instructions on how to enable it, but if I do so, will end-users be able to see any debug output, or is the information stored in some sort of hidden log file that just the LMS administrators could find??


Thank you!!

Amber :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amber,

When you enabled debug mode, a new window will appear when you launch the course that is capturing all the data and information. This will be visible to anyone running the course while it's been published in debug mode. I would only suggest using it as a way to track a course and see if information is or is not being transmitted. I wouldn't leave it on for a course that was being pushed out to users. 

Hope that helps!