Storyline Demo: ‘Risk Towers’ – with immersive graphics and sound

May 16, 2013

We’ve recently started using Articulate Storyline (March 2013) and wanted to share with the community what we’ve produced so far.  The course is called ‘Risk Management’ and is set in a fictional building called ‘Risk Towers’ where learners discover what they need to know about risk management.  We’ve spent a lot of time on the graphics and sound to make it more immersive - hopefully this has paid off but we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Many thanks,


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Steve Andrews

Jesse Racké said:

Hi Steven,

Awesome stuff you did with storyline. 

Did your team create the graphics from scratch or did you have some ready to go graphics as well? And if you did, where did you get them from if I might ask?


Hi Jesse.

It's a mixture of created graphics and sourced photographs that our graphics guy manipulated/enhanced to fit the content and style. 


Natalia Mueller

Oh wow! I'm so glad this came back up since I missed it when you first posted. This is just fantastic. It SO EASILY could have been screen after screen of bullet points. What a great opportunity to show a client a Before & After example of how you can make (forgive me) rather boring compliance topics fun to explore. Great job and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Kerry Packer

Came across this by chance searching for something else.

Excellent work mate! You and your team have nailed the era: excellent choices in style, music, and sound effects. Feels very much like the computer games I used play back in the day.


If I may ask, where did you source the music? Was it from a royalty free site and if so would you let me know which one?

Some Feedback


Like some of the other posters have commented some of the content would benefit from more variety. For example, "if you dare" rapidly became stale, and varied sound effects when knocking on doors in the corridor of doom would be nice: perhaps a scream at one door, a creepy child giggling at another?


Did not have time to go through all of it and only tried one of the quizzes. Regarding the quiz "Based on what you've just read, which of these scenarios are true?" It was not clear to me that more than one answer was required. I recognize now that "are" is the key verses "is", however, at the time I didn't catch that and only provided one answer. That might be due to the fact that I have dyslexia, however perhaps it wouldn't hurt to make it clearer.


In the desk scene I found myself clicking around to see if I'd missed anything: old game habits die a hard death. At first I didn't notice the overhead banner stating the number of objects found. Perhaps the location is an issue as people tend to look to certain parts of the screen instinctively and directly overhead is low on the list as far as I'm aware.


Personally, for me it seems a bit too wordy and not reader friendly. One of the things I'm focusing on is communicating information in images to reduce requiring the need to read long passages of text. However, very challenging to accomplish with things like this I know.

Nonetheless  "Risk Towers" is inspirational and has given me some great ideas for the eOrientation I'm currently working on. I'm taking a gaming approach to its design and your program has stimulated thinking regarding backgrounds, theme, and music.

Thanks for sharing this and I hope my limited feedback will prove useful to you and your team even though this was all back in May.

Steve Andrews

michelle eames said:

This is fabulous to look at!  However I get stuck at screen 1 and nothing happens.  I would love to be able to see the interactivity people mention.  I wonder if I can convince health and saftey......

Hi Michelle

Sorry you're having trouble viewing the course. I've republished it if you'd like to try again - same URL as before.

I'd also check you have the latest version of Flash installed if you're viewing it on a PC. A client reported a similar issue while using Flash 10, but the issue was resolved but updating to Flash 11.

Let me know how you get on.

Kerry Packer

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Thanks for sharing those ideas here, and just in case Steven is not still subscribed to this thread, you may want to send him a private message just in case.

G'day Ashley:

Thanks for the suggestion, have just done so, though I did see that Steven had republished. 

Kind regards,


Dianne  Hope

I have the link!

I came across with about 4 months ago and thought it was amazing.  I actually spent a lot of time recreating this as a "crime scene" demo - but have never released it - it still needs a few finishing touches, but I really loved this concept.

Anyway, here's the link: