Storyline demos that I can't open from a tablet

Hi guys,

I'm updating my website and one of the things I'd like to 'sell' is the ability of Storyline to deliver content that is compatible with mobile devices. I've done several demos with HTML5 output and iPad output aswell.

What I get when I try to see my website in my tablet (Android based), is that the course encounters a conflict: it shows the page of "download Articulate mobile player" (mobileinstall.html) and it also shows the page of "Launch" (ioslaunch.html). It gets crazy, showing alternatively one or another, but not allowing the user to launch any of them, or download the App or anything.

I've tried it in Chrome, should I try any other explorer? 

I enclose one of the demos that shows this problem: Software simulation.

Thanks for your help.


Belen Casado

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Belen Casado

Thank you for your answers.

Alexandro, I'll try with this tool you mention.

In the while, I found a partial solution: I can open the course from an Android device if I use the link ended "story_html5.html", so I'll use this one for Android users and the story.html for the rest.

Thanks again!

Belen Casado