Storyline developer(s) urgently required in UK

Hello all,

Hope this is the right place to post this.

We are seeking 1 or perhaps 2 Articulate Storyline developers to help with the ever increasing workload of modules that need developing at the moment. The modules are of varying topics with huge mixed profession audiences ready to view your masterpieces!

Developers must be based in the UK, be very familiar with Storyline, and be ready to start asap as we have some tight timescales. The work will be home-based, but may require you coming into our office in Slough, Berkshire on the odd occasion for meetings.

If interested, please email with an introduction, website address (if you have one), availability, daily rate, and of course, contact details.

Many thanks indeed,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Barry!

That sounds like a great opportunity. However, please don't post your personal information (including email addresses). You can request private messages and communicate with members through that method if you want to share personal contact information. 

Also, this is the support section of the forums. If you haven't already, you might want to check out the Building Better Courses section of the forums. Your opportunity will be more visible to community members in that section.

Good luck!

john faulkes

Hi Barry,

I have lots of design experience including Flash and Storyline and have availability at the moment.Can easily do the Slough bit as required.  Perhaps I will see you on theforum  section Christine mentioned above, but just in case my web address doesn't get stripped off you can get to me here, then I can pick up your address from your contacting me.



Barry Galvin

Hello Christine,

Many thanks for removing my email address - I didn't realise I couldn't put it on there. Also, this post was indeed actually meant for the other forum so not sure why it ended up in here - did it in a rush so no doubt user error

John: Thanks for your reply. I have just sent you an email.

Take care,


Kay Gugliotta

Hello Barry,

I have many years training and development experience. I have just launched my freelance career this week, thanks to the support and encouragement from my mentor Bruce Graham - Articulate Super Hero.

I am therefore very interested in your opportunity and would love to work with you.