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Dominique D
Ashley Terwilliger

Nice Dominique. Now if you were going to get really fancy - what about more than one light bulb that could change the shadows? 

Could be really fun. By the way the light bulb is just for demo purpose. 

I was just looking for a way to highlight different topics on the screen further to user interaction.

Steve Flowers

Looks like he has:

1) Set the published output to stretch to fit the screen.

2) Hidden all of the UI elements including buttons, tabs, title, seekbar

3) Set the page background and player elements to white so they all blend together.

4) Set the slide background to white so it all flows together. 

I like using this method (removing the appearance of a frame). Use it on most of my stuff. Here's an example. Using this method you can also customize the title however you'd like it to appear by making the title background the same color as the outer frame background. ** bright image was just Chrome being a jerk.

Safari displays this configuration funny and I haven't figured out why. But it seems to work well in other configurations.