Storyline Drag and Drop completions before activating Next button

Feb 04, 2020

I have created a knowledge check (single-slide, no layers) with 3 drag and drops, all 3 objects having the same drop target, but only 2 of them are correct to drop into the target. I've got all of that working properly. I've created a trigger that changes the state of the Next button to disabled when the timeline starts, but I cannot figure out how to ensure that the learner moves both correct objects into the target before making the Next button active. I've tried numerous scenarios using variables without success. I'm new to Storyline and would appreciate help. Thank you!

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Blue Kearsley

Hello, welcome to the forums.

Just to note that you don't need to use a trigger to disable the next button. When you select the button, and click on states, you can have it set to hidden (or disabled if the state is already created) as the intial state. This will save you needing to add triggers unnecessarily.

Typically, you'd need to have a submit interaction trigger so that SL knows a question is being answered, and can determine whether this is correct or not, and if it is, can move forward. You can have layers like correct/incorrect. And when they get it correct, it will take them to the next slide. You can do this by adding a trigger on the correct layer:

When timeline starts on this layer
Jump to slide next slide (or specify which slide here)

You can add the submit interaction trigger to the next button to check whether it's correct.

Alternatively, you can setup triggers like this:

Add states to the drag items that include drop correct and drop incorrect. The drag items will automatically change to drop correct once they're in the correct dropzone.

Change state of next button to normal
when state of object drag1, drag2 (select the ones that are correct from the list) is drop correct

Wendy Farmer

Hi Catherine

I find that using drop states doesn't always work for a trick I use is offstage objects. I've add two ovals with a normal and visited state.

Set triggers to

change state of oval 1 to visited when story is dropped on agile

change state of oval 2 to visited when sub-task is dropped on agile

Change state of Next button to normal when state of oval 1 and oval 2 = visited.

Hope that helps

Catherine Harper

Oh my gosh, Wendy! Thank you! It works!

I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to figure this out. Seems like it should have been so simple, but alas ...

This is a good tip, which I will remember. Hopefully, when I have more experience with SL under my belt, I will be more creative in thinking outside the box. Again, many thanks!