Storyline Error Publishing Articulate - Margins Stacktrace

Hi, I have tried to publish my project and I receive the error detailed below.

Any hints on where to start debugging?? Thank you!

 <Message>'-4' is not a valid value for 'left'. 'left' must be greater than or equal to 0.</Message>
<StackTrace> at Articulate.Margins.a(Int32 A_0, String A_1)
at Articulate.Margins..ctor(Int32 left, Int32 right, Int32 top, Int32 bottom)
at Articulate.Design.Shapes.TextBoxBase.GetTextMargins()
at Articulate.Design.HyperlinkTable.Validate()
at Articulate.Design.Shapes.TextBox.Export(bwSlideBase slide, IPlayerService service, String fileName, bwStageObject stageObj, Object context)
at Articulate.Design.Shape.CreateStageObject(IPlayerService service, bwSlideBase slide)
at Articulate.Design.Shape.GetStageObject(IPlayerService service, bwSlideBase slide)
at Articulate.Design.Shape.Articulate.Player.IPlayerShape.GetStageObject(IPlayerService service, bwSlideBase slide)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.a(IEnumerable`1 A_0, bwSlideBase A_1)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateSlideObject(IPlayerSlide slide, bwISlideContainer sceneobj)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateBridgewaterSlide(PlayerWriterSettings settings, IPlayerSlide slide, bwISlideContainer sceneobj)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateContentScenes(PlayerWriterSettings settings, IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.WriteContent(IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider, Nullable`1 merged)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.Write(IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at Articulate.Design.Publish.TargetContext.PublishBackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)
at Articulate.ComponentModel.STABackgroundWorker.a(Object A_0)</StackTrace>
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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nichola.  A couple of questions for you:

  • What is the location to which you publish and save?  Is it on the C: drive?
  • Are you able to Preview the whole project without issue?  What about individual scenes?

If you can share you .story file with me, I'm happy to have a look at it as well.  Thanks!