Storyline Export: Modifications not Appearing, Empty Files Uploading Expanding

Sep 24, 2019

My Storyline Export to ScormCloud and to my personal cloud storage does not include changes to the course.  The changes appear in slide review.

I noticed in my cloud storage that each time I return to the slides and make the changes the number of empty files expands, and the old slides still appear.  I am up to over 2,000 empty files on a roughly 400 file project when uploading to cloud storage.

I have taken the slides and placed them in a fresh Storyline application with the same results.

I have saved, published, republished resaved, saved under new names, saved under old names, saved in new folders, saved in old folders, published in new folders, published in old folders.  Same issues, these actions have made zero difference.


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CyberTrainer Lee

I am working from my local drive and uploading them to Google Cloud.  That's where I see 2,000 empty files being uploaded and no modifications notwithstanding the files have been renamed, placed in new folders, saved, resaved, published, republished and even copied and placed in a new storyline document.

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