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Alexandros Anoyatis

From what I've read on their website, H5P is SaaS - the same is true about Storyline 360, so this alone positions Joubel (the company behind H5P) more as a direct competitor to Articulate if anything.

Furthermore, the platforms mentioned in the website are not native integrations - they only reference LTI implementations. This is not necessarily a negative. LTI is a long-standing standard and any platform actively supporting it would reap the benefits of LTI enabled services - so, in theory, the number of integrations may be far greater than the one stated in the website (a lot more LMS's should already be able to support H5P via LTI for instance).

As for Articulate supporting this, obviously I can't speak for them, but it is highly unlikely LTI support is ever being implemented - the standard is generally more geared towards Learning Management Systems than authoring tools, so it wouldn't make much sense. Most serious LMS's should be able to combine different SCO's anyway, so you should ideally be able to mix and match as you desire.

While I'm generally opposed to the restrictive nature of the SaaS model, I love how Joubel openly posts transparent roadmaps on their website (even though currently putting "secret" as the only future to-do defeats the actual purpose :) ).