Storyline: Extreme Automation Edition

Thanks to the example provided by Steve Flowers I now know how to caption, which is a good thing since I'm currently captioning 16 Storylines, each with at least 45 minutes of audio. (SME decision, it's a replacement for his classroom lectures!) 

That means I have to deal with about 4,000 lines of captions for each Storyline file, for a grand total of 64,000 captions. While Steve's method is great, it's still time-consuming, so I've been working on ways to automate the process.  I'd like to share two different techniques we're using to speed everything up.  I'd also like to hear if anyone else has Storyline automation solutions (for captioning or for anything else Storyline-related), no matter how out-of-the-box.

The first method is to use a product called ClipMate, which allows you to copy several lines of content at once, then paste it in line-by-line.  This has been a lifesaver.  I copy all the captions for a slide with one CTRL+C, then go to the trigger panel and CTRL+V CTRL+V CTRL+V until all the captions are in place. I've prepared a short video if you want to see ClipMate in action.

This second video is the 'extreme' part of my post. As you know, caption timings in Storyline require a start time and a duration.  I'm using several tools to make my Mac read an Excel spreadsheet with this information, which is then automatically entered into Storyline without human intervention (Except a few clicks per slide to start the process.)  Think of it as an extreme reality TV episode, sort of like MythBusters, except not as entertaining.

How have you automated repetitive processes in Storyline?  I'd love to learn for your examples.

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