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Jan 29, 2013

Does anyone know if Storyline has either of these features?

(This exist in Studio, but I can't seem to find them in Storyline.)

1. Change View Mode

Controls whether to display the view mode toggle button on the Articulate Player to give users the option to change between available view modes

2. Allow User to Seek Within Seekbar

Control whether or not users can navigate within a slide using the seekbar

(On #2, if this is not a feature, is there some way of adding a "pause" button without letting the users jump ahead using the seekbar.)

Thanks in advance!

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Keith Kemsley

Hi Mike,

I just read your second post. I do not believe that Storyline allows you to "disable the seekbar for that slide" as you've suggested. You can remove it using the "gear" option on each slide, but that's not the same as disabling it.

Our government contract requires

1) must have pause button

2) must show progress

3) cannot let the user jump ahead using the seek bar

If you know of a way to disable the seekbar but keep it there, I'm all ears!

Thanks again!

Mike Enders


I see.  Yeah, that's also not a stock Storyline option.  It sounds like you're looking for more Presenter type features.  If you're looking for those types of features but want a little more juice than Presenter, I think you'll really love Studio 13 when it arrives.  My understanding is that it will combine all that you love with Presenter, but add in a little Storyline freeform goodness as well!  Not that that helps you at the moment...


Keith Kemsley

Unfortunately, every single one of my clients requires iPad functionality today and I'm guessing we won't see Studio 13 for six+ months or so. I have purchased Storyline and I am using it, but I was hoping it had some of the same functionality as Studio like change view, lock navigation, "true" restricted navigation, etc.

Anyway, Articulate produces great products and I'll get along as best I can with what's out there today.

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