Storyline Feedback Master - Resize to fit text


In Articulate Quizmaker, the feedback pop up automatically resizes to fit the amount of feedback text.  Is there any way to do this in Storyline? I can get the textbox to resize, but then it looks strange because nothing else changes as well (so, for example, the text goes past the feedback shape, and covers the "Continue" button).  Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Jennifer S.

Thanks for the response! I set the text box to "Resize Shape to fit Text" on the feedback master. However, it only resized the textbox, and not the shape behind it. See below: 

If I set the shape behind it to resize to fit text, it looks like this: 

Grouping the shape and the textbox doesn't do anything, either.  And if I leave it on the default settings, the textbox simply shrinks the text to fit.

Jennifer S.

Yes, that would be a solution, thank you. I hadn't thought of having two feedback masters (currently, our solution is just to have the boxes be big even when there is very little feedback text).

Having two feedback boxes is certainly not ideal, though (not as efficient, and we could still run into the problem of both options being too small/large), so if someone comes up with a better solution, I'd appreciate it!

Rachel D'Angelo

I have a similar issue. I wanted to edit the Master Feedback slide for size and position so I moved it around a few times and it was almost right then I moved it one more time and now the text is positioned partially outside the feedback box when I preview but in the Master Feedback slide page it all looks fine. Any suggestions? See below for screen shots.

Jason Tilley

Because we needed much larger feedbacks, sometimes more than the page, we created two additional layers with scrolling panels and a custom button. The two default layers have a custom More button which sends the user to the relevant feedback layer, and each feedback layer moves the user forward when they click the custom button.

Robert Lengacher

Jennifer. The image below shows how I deal with this issue in Articulate Storyline. On the main Feedback Master, I do the following:

  • Delete the outer gray box and the separator line. Note, the separator line is light gray and almost invisible, so I highlighted it in red for you. 
  • The "... feedback title style" and " text style" boxes can be moved, resized, and formatted anyway you wish. 
  • If you need the " text style" box to automatically get bigger, just do the following
  1. Right click the " text style" box.
  2. Click "Format shape" at the bottom of the pop-up menu.
  3. Click "Text Box" on the bottom left of the Format Shape dialog pop.
  4. In the Autofit section, select "Resize shape to fit text" (NOTE: The feedback text box will expand downward, do you may need to do some repositioning if there is a ton of text.)

Tamara Tarasova

Hi, I see this thread is dated, but I hope someone could help me with this issue. I need to enlarge the gray box to accommodate a slightly larger feedback without making the font too small. When I am in Feedback Master I can not do any changes Robert suggests - the only thing I can edit are the text panes. Am I missing something? Thank you!