Storyline file into MP4?

Jul 07, 2016



I have to create screen recordings and then add audio files.

Is it possible to then export the finished product into an mp4 file?

Thanks in advance.

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Ali Goulet

Hi A E,

Storyline 2 doesn't publish to a single file but what you could do to accomplish this is make a screen recording of your completed course using a tool such as Replay or record it within Storyline 2 and export out the MP4. Please keep in mind that you will lose the ability for the user to interact with the course by doing this. If it's a course designed to just be watched by the learner and not interactive, however, this may be a good option for you.

Also, If you only need to work with screen recordings and audio files, you may find that using Replay by itself will be good fit for you in this instance as it will publish in MP4 format. Check out the Getting Started materials and User Guides for Replay to see if that meets your current needs! :)

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