Storyline File not sending quiz results to Absorb LMS.

May 29, 2020


We have a storyline file that contains a quiz. We save the Storyline file as a Tincan file to then place it onto our LMS (Absorb)

The learners can access the content, however no scores are sent to the LMS from the Storyline file.

As a result of there being "no score / no result" being sent from the Storyline file - This leads to our Absorb LMS to give the learner the status of "incomplete" or "in progress". (As the LMS has not "received the message" that the quiz is over).

Absorb LMS, have investigated and do not believe that the issue is with their system - but rather with the Storyline file. Please can you help to see what might be causing this?

-We don’t want users to be able to see the results slide at the end of the exam
-We don’t want learners to be able to re-enter the storyline file after they have completed it.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Roxanne,

Happy to help here! It sounds like your LMS isn't getting the results sent from the course, so there are a few things you may want to check:

Publishing Options: In your Reporting and Tracking Options, when you publish to LMS, ensure that you're tracking using quiz result.

Submit Results Trigger: To submit any results to your LMS, you'll need the Submit results trigger to run on a slide in your course. 

You mentioned you do not want the learners to be able to see the results slide, but what I've seen other members do is include a blank results slide with the Submit results trigger and design it as a Thank You or ending slide to complete the course. 

If you confirm both these items are included, feel free to share your course with us, and we can help you troubleshoot the file.

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