Storyline file size

Jan 09, 2014

I am building a large course in Storyline with many videos embedded. The file size is getting large 245MB.  


1. what is the file size limitation for Storyline?  

2. What is the number of icons/screens limit for Storyline?

3.  Is there a number of videos limit?

Thanks in advance


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Gerry Wasiluk

Here's a recent thread on file sizes:

I think there are technical challenges and there are learner challenges.  YMMV, but I prefer to chunk my courses into many smaller units for learner consumption, say 15-25 minutes at most per chunk.

Besides giving learners something easier to digest, smaller files in Storyline may be responsive when opening and saving.

Garry Hargreaves

Hi Scott,

I think you will start to have some real loading issues. 

The end result will be your users will be waiting for the course load.

eLearning Enhanced has a pre-loader that may help - if you wish to persist down this path - more importantly it offers uses a loading bar

Best option is to break into small pieces in IMHO



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