Storyline File Size Remains Constant as Elements Reduced

Can anyone explain why, in Storyline 2, when I remove half the slides in a story, the .story file size remains the same? In other words, the size of one .story file might be 1 gig with 50 slides. When I remove half of the slides, the file size remains at 1 gig. Any insight into this issue?

Thank you,
Rod Machado

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Brian Dennis

My guess is slide data itself isn't that large a portion of the overall file size, as SL appears to carry copies of the media, graphics, audio and more very close to the .story file once these items have been added to the project. Deleting slides doesn't seem to remove these assets.

Articulate probably opted for this design to speed up subsequent rendering and publishing activities.

Your post would be a great start to a "Compress Project" feature request :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rod! 

Great question :)

Storyline keeps deleted assets temporarily after you delete them in case you need to click Undo to restore them. The good news is your project file will eventually shrink, usually after saving it a couple times. But you can also get it to shrink right away by saving and closing the project file, then re-opening it and saving it again.

Hope this helps!