Storyline File Storage location

Nov 12, 2020

Hi everyone. My organization is starting a project where we are moving away from local and shared drives on servers and using only SharePoint. I've heard that storyline files do not store well on SharePoint, I wanted to know if anyone had experience with storing storyline files on SharePoint or if anyone used a different storage method that wasn't a local or shared drive on a server?

Any ideas are appreciated.


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Judy Nollet

I've no problems *storing* files on SharePoint. But I only open, edit, and publish files on my hard drive. 

Here's the process I use with my SharePoint-loving client:  

  • I do all my development work on my local hard drive.
  • Every day, I upload a backup copy to SharePoint. The file name typically indicates the project status (e.g., "projectName_v1_WIP.story"). 
    • Typical folder organization: There's a folder for the project. It includes sub-folders for each version. 
  • After a project is done, it's stored in the designated location. The file name indicates its finalization date (e.g., "projectName_v1_2020-11-12").
    • At this point, I delete the file from my hard drive.
  • When a project needs to be updated, I download the most recent version to my hard drive. I also create a new SharePoint folder for the updated version. 

Admittedly, that could get trickier if multiple people need to work on the same file during the same time period, though SharePoint's "checking out" feature would help with that. But working locally just makes the most sense, because it avoids network/connection issues.

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